I know that it seems that I am complaining about things increasingly.  Get over it, I am testy these days, dammit, and as I tell my girlfriend, writing is “therapy” for me to keep an even keel and be an example that she might aspire to :-J   Increasingly “things” lack common sense or continuity, or seem bent upon making our collective brains turn to mush in the name of “convenience”.

So what is the current deal with the end of Daylight Savings Time, and why does it seem to change from year-to-year?

Up until our Presidents and legislators began to “F” with it willy-nilly, it was always the Sunday before Halloween that we “fell-back” to standard time.  Most recently, I think Bush II screwed with it so that it became the last Sunday in October, and I was all ready to “fall-back” tonight and get an extra hour of sleep.  Then I realized that nobody was talking about it ad-nausea like they usually do, and so I decide to do some research on it and came up with this web site:href=”http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>
It actually shows how many countries around the globe change their times from “daylight savings” to standard at different times (and those which do not)!  OMG!!

For example, my friends in the Ukraine change their clocks tonight, as I write this on Sunday morning October 31st!  I thought only the USA resorted to this silliness which has gone on for far too long, and messes with our natural, internal body clocks I suspect.  I found out that this year in the USA, we now have to wait until November 7th, another week until we get that hour back!! WTF?? It was never November!! November?? 

Why don’t they just scrap all of this clock management and stay on the same time, using the sun for example, year round?  Ohh, what a novel concept, except that would be…”logical”!!  Is it that maybe a computer came up with this latest mutation of time travel, or that somehow “they” thought that changing the clocks this weekend would confuse the Halloween madness and put both the older and younger trick-or-treaters in earlier darkness?  Manipulating the clock does not ‘save energy’ it just postpones the “it is getting dark earlier and earlier”  depression and sadness. Tisk, Tisk.  On the lighter side, as a DJ I always liked “Fall-Back Saturday night”, especially in cities whose clubs do “last call”  too early at, like two a.m., unlike NYC where I grew-up. Then two becomes one a.m., and I always sighed, “Now that’s more like it…”

Pickhit:  I awaken Sunday at the crack of Noon on October 31, 2010 to find that my VCR, DVD player, and kitchen clock all changed back to standard time, just like last year – on the last Sunday in October – I guess they didn’t get the memo either re: November 7 th…like most of us :- J