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I know that it seems that I am complaining about things increasingly.  Get over it, I am testy these days, dammit, and as I tell my girlfriend, writing is “therapy” for me to keep an even keel and be an example that she might aspire to! :-J   Increasingly “things” in our lives lack common sense and continuity, or seem bent upon making our collective brains turn to mush, in the name of “convenience”. Convenient is not always good.

So what is the current deal with the end of Daylight Savings Time, and why does the implement date seem to change from year-to-year? Why do we have DST anymore anyway? It is a principle founded upon an agricultural model which no longer is our primary way of life in America. Just the other day,I overheard a man say that the U.S.A. is the only country which changes their clocks nowadays. Is this true? I know that the European Union wants to do away with it! As usual, they are ahead of our American mindset.

“But the law may change. The national policy of switching from standard time to daylight saving time and back again is under legislative challenge from coast to coast…”

Up until our Presidents and legislators began to “F***” with it willy-nilly, “falling-back” was always the Sunday before Halloween, to standard time.  Most recently, I think Bush II screwed with it so that it became the last Sunday in October, and I was all ready to “fall-back” tonight and get an extra hour of sleep.  Then I realized that nobody was talking about it ad-nausea like they usually do, and so I decide to do some research – which put me to sleep.

For example, my friends in the Ukraine change their clocks tonight, as I write this on Sunday morning October 31st!  I thought only the USA resorted to this silliness which has gone on for far too long, and messes with our natural, internal body clocks I suspect.  I found out that this year in the USA, we now have to wait until November 7th, another week until we get that hour back!! WTF?? It was never November!! November??

Why don’t they just scrap all of this clock management and stay on the same time, using the sun for example, year round?  Ohh, what a novel concept, except that would be…”logical”!!  Is it that maybe a computer came up with this latest mutation of time travel, or that somehow “they” thought that changing the clocks this weekend would confuse the Halloween madness and put both the older and younger trick-or-treaters in earlier darkness?  Manipulating the clock does not ‘save energy’ it just postpones the “it is getting dark earlier and earlier”  depression and sadness. Tisk, Tisk.  On the lighter side, as a DJ I always liked “Fall-Back Saturday night”, especially in cities whose clubs do “last call”  too early at, like two a.m., unlike NYC where I grew-up. Then two becomes one a.m., and I always sighed, “Now that’s more like it…”

Pickhit:  I awaken Sunday at the crack of Noon on October 31, 2010 to find that my VCR, DVD player, and kitchen clock all changed back to standard time, just like last year – on the last Sunday in October – I guess they didn’t get the memo either re: November 7th…like most of us :- J

Have you tried walking your resume into a place you would like to work lately?  Did you have success or did you get the modern-day equivalent of the bum’s rush?  That is, did you hear, “Sorry we can’t take paper resumes, please go to our website and apply.” from some flunky? 

A few weeks ago I went to and saw where a bowling alley near me was looking for a bartender! Since I have a couple of “degrees” in bar mixology and have tended at upscale pubs from New York City to Washington, D.C., I figured that since this place was only three miles away from my house, I’d get my business attire on and ride on over there to impress them and maybe even get to mix a quickie off the top of my head if challenged to.  After-all this is a bowling alley, right?  I left there asking how the little pee-on who brushed me off even got her  job?

Well I schlepped back to my home workstation and found the AMF site.  The first things they asked was for the most personal information, like social security numbers, and made it plain that if you didn’t provide one, you would not be able to complete the application.  My red flag for scams began to wave briskly in the breeze; I never give out that kind of 411 on the internet, but then my progressive, “you have to change with the times” conscience said, well AMF is a long-standing company, so they couldn’t possibly get away with scamming people.  First waste of time mistake. So I fill-out the personal information and then got to go to step two, a bunch of psychological style questions that took me at least another forty-five minutes on-line to complete with the disclaimer that if you took too long the page might “time-out” and you would have to start all over again.  So they are like, rushing me, ok?  The questions were mutiple-guess (choice)  of the tone of, “If you saw one of your co-workers stealing something, would you a. do nothing, b. alert the authorities, c. think it was okay for you to do so, or d. none of the above?”  Then a few questions down the pages, they would re-word the same question as if you wouldn’t notice the red herring. 

After all of this, at the end of the questionnaire, it told me that I was NOT qualified for the position applied for, that my information would be “kept on-file” for, like sixty days or something, and thanked me for my time. Done. Booted. Finito.  With about an hour-and-a-half of my afternoon wasted, not including the original trip down the street and the gasoline used. I had the same experience a month later when, again humbling myself further, I applied to be a “detailer” with the local CarMax in the same area.  They even sent me a paper letter, however, which included, “Thank you for taking the time to submit your employment application for the Detailer position at CarMax. We’ve had a chance to carefully compare it with the requirements of the position./We appreciate you sharing your background with us, but we have decided to continue our search.”   In other words, with a Bachelor’s degree, I am not qualified to wash CARS???  I wash mine all the time in my driveway, and people comment on how clean it is  ( it is white, by the way)!! WTF??  Again the stupid pseudo-pyschological questions you only encounter with these popular on-line applications.  I can go on and even site temp agencies I applied to prior to the present “high unemployment”  that do this, like Randstadt, but I will not digress.

My conclusion is that this “new world” with all of the impersonal digital aloofness in the marketplace is a corporate creation in which the conspirators have gotten together and figured-out ways to discourage people from applying for work. How are you going to show-off your engaging smile, speaking skills, conversational aptitude or personality when you cannot apply in-person? Maybe this is further exacerbated by the fact that I am in my mid-fifties, but it seems to me now that whatever your age, unless you can invent some kind of new “job” or “career” for yourself, the scrap heap of life or worse is your destiny.  What do you think about it?

Lately I wax sentimentally about how “things” have changed, and not necessarily for the better.  Then I always catch myself, for I remember how bitter those sentiments sounded when my parent’s generation (the “GI generation”) espoused similarly.

Sometimes I chagrin metaphorically when I see how greed is dividing the country I was fortunate enough to have been born into among the rich and poor with a diminishing middle.  I often wonder, if prices will ever truly fall while income rises?  Wouldn’t that be headline  good news?!  I see how many things are adding-up on my list of needed replacement or update that I cannot currently afford: my car, my lawnmower, my eye check-up, my dental check-up, my music amplifier, my mixer, my television, my computer, my hammer, my file cabinet, my playstation, my wardrobe, my vinyl milk crates when customed shelves are needed; my bicycle, my glasses, my location, my cordless telephone, my mobile telephone, my fence in my yard, my PC’s monitor and I think, “Damn, this stuff is outpacing my ability to live comfortably, and yet, I’m considered ‘lucky’.”

Then the verse came to me from a past favorite song that is just as relevant today as it was in 1973 when they sang it for the first time.  It is from a song called “Shoe Shoe Shine” by The Dynamic Superiors; “Shoe Shoe Shine used to cost a dime, A penny would buy you plenty/A nickel was a fare that’d take you anywhere, Troubles we didn’t have many…” penned by my radio personality days acquaintances, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson.

So I am reminiscing the “good ole days” for my generation (the Baby Boomers), in a similar way as our forefathers did and as every generation will as they age until the aliens really DO come from a far away world in another galaxy, and make prices fall simultaneously with the sky, paving the way for the income of a species that will rise to scorn that we humans squandered thousands of opportunities to finally get it right…or not.  At least that is what tonight’s full moonlit crystal ball is revealing here in me humble casa.

Now, check out the outfits, their “steps” (choreography) and the “business” falsetto of the late Tony Washington (who was “Sylvester” before Sylvester vocally and socially), on this record that I cannot get out of my mind…

Pickhit:  Obviously and joyously effeminate (which wasn’t an issue back then), Tony Washington’s sound was so unique! I miss it.  On “Feeling Mellow” he really stretched-out in 1975; Yes, that is emcee Don Cornelius (LOL); “Love, Peace and…SOUL!” who appears to ignore Tony, by the way. Hmmmm… I would have let the lead singer be the spokesman for the group in the interview.

My car has a cassette player along with the CD player and radio, and most of the time, while I  drive around town, doing my errands,  I play a cassette from my glory days on the air.  Not  all the time, but recently I have played some stuff from the mid-1980s when I was at  my personal “mountaintop” on the number one New York City radio station.

Later in the day, I got back in my car, not playing the cassette, and due to hitting the “scan” button rather than my programmed FM stations, I heard host Michael Savage act like his surname on one of these political talk stations, ( local Cumulus, one of the evil radio empire’s outlets) espousing about how “Obama is the most divisive President in history!”  As I’m driving, I thought how stupid and potentially racist this host sounded, unabashed at the divisions and anger that he was creating with his words upon those ears within the sound of his voice.  President Obama is still cleaning-up the mess of eight years of Bushwacking part deux. I thought,  “How can the managers of these radio stations allow these ‘little Hitlers’ on the air daily?  The do not practice  “free speech”, it is ignorant hate speech sanctioned by the selectively three-monkey mentality of the FCC of the past twenty years. 

Then it came to me again that it is this kind of “talk radio” that is responsible for creating all of these “angry voters” because  they are the divisive ones.  How did they get  this way, you ask?  Intelligence – or the lack thereof on the radio today on these stations.  Simply, the FCC now will allow anybody on the radio or TV.  When I began in radio, in order to even break [open] the microphone on the air, you had to pass a difficult test: the FCC Third Class License exam.  Although I hated studying how to calculate the plate voltage and the plate current at the time, I now look back on the process as one that filtered these casual “entertainers with an agenda” who have become so prolific and selfish with their messages that they’d rather create havoc under the guise of needed political discourse which become controversy that veils any positive discourse, than espouse messages of diverse unity and commonality for all peoples from we true radio professionals that even went to school for it or paid the “dues” necessary to get to the major markets.

I bet none of the popular political talk show hosts, from Limbaugh to whoever, could pass that test if it was required today!  Happily, if that were the case, none of them would be allowed on the radio!


The remedy?  Please, Federal Communications Commission, bring back the Third Class License test as it was when you abandoned it, so that intelligent broadcasters can return to the air who may disagree without yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater.  America, put political “talk radio” out of business; advertisers pull your spots!  PUL-EEEZE, for the unity of the U.S.A.’s sake – and what is left of terrestrial radio (which sadly, ain’t much); dont you think?  Holla back.

Pickhit Update:  Congresswoman shot in Arizona made me come right back to this post. This is what I mean, tragically and graphically illustrated. Make people get FCC licences to be on the air – it is one way to filter the hate-speech that can insight lunatics like this shooter .

So!!.. I am the star quarterback of the New York Jets football club, and my name is Bret Farve.  I have gone through many a run at retirement, my wife is a legend of cancer recovery, right?  So, yes this cheerleader/reporter is hotter than hot, and we as fans have known about Jenn as a class act for at least two years, and haven’t harassed her. So…why do I, as Bret Farve , become so stupid as Tiger’s wood did to the point that I ignore the technology with which we communicate to the point that I text/sms this female with intimate thoughts and encourage her to “stop by my room”? More questions this “situation”  begs me to emplore you to indulge – and I will make it quick.  I must reiterate, that we JETS fans have known about this cheerleader/reporter for some time now, and she is a total class act who doesn’t  need this kind of harassment BS from an old man like Farve, nor anybody “impersonating” him ( yeah, Riite!), or whatever.  man-up and rap to her if  you want a fox like that, or else step-off! Tiger Woods is a scumbag when it comes to women.  No class. He gets the finest white chicks and he still is not satisfied. Dumbass!

I go back to my main man, Joe Namath, who I adore because his playboyness was out there and he didn’t care who said what about it.  He performed on the field, and that was what matters – unless your “wife” is a famous cancer survivor who, if that is the case, Farve should have cut ties with long ago, so that he can try to be the bachelor he never was and share phone camera pic of his limp dick to an unwilling subject and the rest of us who go “Ewwww!” in the world.  The following questions apply:

1 -Do we HAVE to see some limp dick in a video??
2 -Are all modern day “jocks” absent of COMMON SENSE?
3 – IS this another TIGER’s wood situation?
4 – Will Farve please go AWAY?
5 – Will the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets beat the socks off the Vikings on Sunday? Nyet.

Why did the J-E-T-S, Jet, Jets, Jets need Bret Farve anyway.  What had he done lately, I still want to know! LOL [originally composed during the early 2010 NFL season]

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