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 When I first discovered broadcasting at my now defunct college radio station, once every year we would do a “radiothon” pledge drive in order to raise funds to keep operating.  This post comes to you with that same spirit, except this time it is personal.  My “station” in life needs your help, and my goal is to raise a modest six-thousand($6,000) by December, which would cover a donwardly-negotiated unjust “surtax” from twenty years ago, with this Fall Pledge Drive.  I am fifty-seven and single, but even a bachelor cannot make it on a paltry unemployment insurance check of eighty-five dollar per week – although I  really appreciate it because a few weeks ago, they told me my previous claim was “exhausted”, no check came for two weeks and I got down to total zero: no money, no gas in the car, no food except bread and boiled water on Labor Day weekend.  That cannot happen anymore, so with your help I can catalyst my own economic stimulus and climb out of the abyss. Yes, the nation’s money woes have exacerbated my plight, and I do not sleep well at night, with a bill du noir often waking me up with a start after usually only three hours of “good” sleep.  Vulnerable to eviction at the whim of the landlord who has been very kind to let be survive here this long, and a finance company holding the title of my thirteen year old car due to a debt-consolidation loan, these are nervous times and a recent visit to a free health clinic revealed the genesis of high blood pressure for the first time in my life even though I exercise regularly, and don’t “look” my age. 

My next door neighbor described me as “creative” a couple of days ago during an over-the-fence conversation about the issues of the day. I am a good man who just has not realized the goals I set for myself twenty-six years ago when I was at my personal mountain top as a personality on the number one New York City radio station; now I reside in a southern town of only 500,000 or so people with more limited possibilities than I grew up accustomed to.  My Mum who is going on eighty-eight said,”You would have had to have gotten more help with those [goals] than you did.”  Reading from a recently-discovered “bio” from 1984, my goals were: “radio management while maintaining a creative outlet ( air  shift); to Program a New York City FM station, and use his talents in the new Video/Cable field.”  NONE of that happened – where has the time gone? 

Yeah, all my close mentors and my main inspiration for my career choice died-off in the 1990s, but maybe some of it I guess was me or some secret criticism people with the power to help me spoke about only behind my back so I could not change it for the better.  Be that as it may, enough self-psychoanalysis.  As my friend who passed-away suddenly at age forty-five earlier this year would say, “It is what it is…”  I need your help or that of someone you know – I am now my own public charity.  Cash, honorarium, stipend or a grant to travel, write and earn my keep are all acceptable.  I have been pushing and applying for respectable work on-line and attempting to do so in-person, to then be shunned back to the internet; the telephone doesn’t ring anymore with people interested in paying me for my knowledge and services like in past decades.  One of my old college fraternity “brothers” said, “You’ve got to get out there, and be the CEO of your own company/can’t just sit on the internet” [paraphrasing].  Agreed, but difficult to do on eighty-five bucks a week from the Dept of Labor.

I do still have some humble pride and value my privacy, therefore I will not put  all of my personal information in this space. However, you can e-mail me or request more 411 in your comments and will gratefully communicate with you to achieve my goals.  This is straight-up world-wide panhandling – I never thought it would come to this, however we hear all over that we must use today’s tools to get what we need. I am an honest, talented man trying to get totally back on his feet in order to have  a chance at comfort for my remaining years, give myself a chance to share  and happily reciprocate.  Others have these things.  Why not me? 

 For those who donate twenty-five dollars or more, I can offer you one of my personally mixed, custom CDs or one of my radio show CDs (instead of a coffee mug, LOL)

And now my” tune wedgie” du jour; I always knew blues music was there because Frankie Crocker played it on WBLS in my radio “formative years”, but kind of ignored it. I met and interviewed Mr. Bland once as he sat on his touring bus outside of a nightclub called “Sweetwaters” on Amsterdam Avenue in New York City.

I “cry” because I don’t know what else to do but make this appeal at this time.  Thank you for your “support”. DJJimiB

Once upon a time, in Social Studies class (do they still teach that?), I embraced the whole concept and colors of the Revolutionary War, when that was our teacher’s topic de semester, which culminated in our current annual Fourth Of July celebration in the U.S.A.  Part of the run-up to that conflict was an event known as the Boston Tea Party, which basically was about “taxation without representation” and the most enduring image in my mind is how the new Colonists threw crates of tea from “Mother England” overboard in Boston Harbor in protest, if my memory serves me correctly. teaparty4

That image is why I know that those revolutionaries are twirling in their graves like the Twizzler maker factory because their one inclusive message of forming a new, united place, free from tunnel-visioned tyranny is now hijacked by closet bigots who give the administration of the first Brown-skinned President a much shorter “leash” (and I don’t like to use that term with President Obama) than previous Oval Office occupants and employ a big time double-standard upon his first term agenda.

Their champion is Sarah Palin?  This chick and Faust-like John McCain must have had quite a romp in the netherworld some disenchanted evening while Mrs. McCain (who looks like she once was nicknamed “Bela”) watched with glee, filing her fingernails to sharp points all the while.  Palin would put me to sleep always and immediately if not for her annoying way of speaking.  Is that an Alaskan accent?  I hope not; she is like the flies that come buzzing about me while I am quietly trying to read or write something intelligent on my front porch on a summer’s afternoon.  And what is this “voter anger” they are promoting?  IMO, the only “voters” who are angry are the ones who woke-up the day after the 2008 Election Day and realized that yes, the majority of their neighbors actually voted in a non-Caucasian man as our President! They are inconsolable and will always be “angry” – they are probably “angry” at what looks back at them in the mirror and have really short memories about who and what the alternatives are.

Why the news media’s apparent fascination with this Camellia sinensis? How can the pundits use this made-up group to read the tea leaves of an election?  It can only be explained by the fact that many TV News Directors now are women, the “reality tv” fad is infecting that programming and of course, all little girls liked to play “tea party” and create false drama with their Susie Homemaker houses once upon a time, right?  “Lets have tea! Oh, how adorable!” :-J


My new, best of all times and currently far-flung girl loves the month of September because the weather is moderate in her part of the world, and after a record-breaking hot summer, the relief has finally arrived.  I accept that, and although I think of September with a certain sadness that this summer has passed with our goals unrealized and ocean shores not reached (her country of Ukraine), I guess that is my personal problem (“Money, Money, Money” – Abba). It will change for the better.

This month also reminds me of  Barry White’s song of the same name, which has  three notes  from the outset, that if you ever were into his music, you would be able to identify immediately. 

Please bring back the TV game show, “Name That Tune”!! I’ll clean-up within this category (which is why Chuck Berris will never bring it back, if he is still alive).

Takin' it home over the bridge with the repetitious and groovy deep bass drop-off-of-the-graph groove is classic!  As my DJ mind recalls it, Barry and his "thing" had been aloof for a moment, and then THIS album came about in 1978 on 20th Century-Fox Records who really, like so many others scared-off by the "internet", should get back into the record-producing business.  This song re-captured the  unnecessarily mercurial meanderings of White and suddenly, the ladies known as "Love Unlimited" and the "Love Unlimited Orchestra" were again jamming at full-tilt,  led by the chart-topping "Your Sweetness Is My Weakness" which was not even close to the best cut on the album, but was the timeliest. This album, "The Man", even featured a great/fantastically original interpretation/cover of  Billy Joel' s "Just The Way You Are", where Barry put his signature  trademark, the  brief, opening monologue upon it, prior to the "sing" or “sang” as he would say, and to our generation’s amusement at the time, plus the “three-beat-pulse” down the stretch which was  on-par with the first Barry White albums, and cuts I heard on the new “total black experience in sound” radio in the early to mid 1970s.  Don’t get it twisted, Barry White carried a tune on this album better than on the previous ones –  he was progressing from just moaning and groaning sexy stuff all the while back then and his albums always gave us a little latin flavor as well as on “Early Years” and “It’s Only Love Doing Its Thing”.

“September” is an unsung classic, and Barry was another who “went” too soon for my tastes like Jimi Hendrix, et. al. He was also popularized by dint of an assist from the late, great radio Program Director Frankie Crocker in New York City, on WBLS back the “day” or we would never have heard of him.

Ok, now go back to the video, and focus on those first three piano key notes!

And NOW, once again, for something completely different: As we near the beginning of Autumn on September 23rd, 2010, it strikes me that to many some things are now “out of season” with the “end” of another summer meteorologically and astronomically.  Therefore, let me hip you to this one thing: whatever you dreamed of happening during this past summer, can still come to pass as the leaves “fall”.  And so, to that point and because I have the musical mind that I do, I dedicate this post to all of us with dreams – may they never be out of season.

The Montclairs were out of St. Louis, Missouri.  At one point their lead singer made a move, and then they put “featuring Phil Perry” on the moniker.  There was also the erroneous assumption that they hailed out of Montclair, New Jersey for a while.   Check out their gear!  Stone cold 1972- style vines! LOL   An Oliver Sain production on the old Paula/Jewel Records label out of Shreveport, LA..  I miss those old classic record labels like “King” or “Chess” and “Checkers”, et al…

I keep trying to “stump the YouTube” but there are apparently other  incredible musical minds out there who have posted stuff like this that you cannot find on vinyl any more and “beat me to the punch” (Marvelettes).  Major props..Bravo!!  Fore the simple answer is that if you didn’t get it done during the hot summer, then you just have to make up for lost time before this year runs-out! And Me and my Ukraine fiancee` Nina, have a lot of making-up for lost time to do whenever we finally are in the same zip code. “Ohhh, Father, PLEEZE!”

yees, my friend, THIS is a rare “two-fer” from yours truly…these guys really SANG…let us bring that back; coach the young “Hip- Hoppers” to take it to the next level and actually SING is my challenge.

Remember, Dreaming Is (never) Out Of Season if we are to have a chance to make them come true!  Does anybody reading this remember this sound?  I’ve got more if you like it…I’m thinking about another group of this era right NOW!

I loved the World Trade Center towers and had many occasions to visit them and even DJ/co-emcee at a party there once upon a night.  Granted that hindsight is 20/20, but I said this then on September 11, 2001, and I say it now, and had our “leader” been as bold as he talked tough or as those in the war-torn past century, we wouldn’t be pouring money needed here in “the States” into an unwinnable war in Afghanistan today, or Iraq yesterday.  I would have chosen the Truman option; I’d have nuked the hell out of wherever we thought Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts were and possibly leveled Afghanistan by September 15, 2001.

The Japanese in WWII were as brutal to our troops and civilians as Al Qaeda/Taliban was on “9/11”, and that is all the justification I would have needed.  The United States strayed from being no-holds- barred under President Clinton who wrongly instituted “political correctness” at home and abroad.  All that did was make this country look vulnerable and weak.  There are no “safe” wars, and innocents will get killed if you are to win.

I always hear my Dad, the late WWII U.S. Army Major (one of few Black American men to achieve that rank back then) say about our fighting in Vietnam that “we are fighting with one arm tied behind our backs.”  I am sure he would say the same thing today about the USA pouring resources needed at home into fighting those who are engaging in a mythical “holy war”  if he were still with us here in the physical world.  He had another prophecy that he expounded to my Mum and I back in the early 1990s, “They are building a silent army and Trojan Horse over here…”  By “they” back then he meant “Arabs” because we didn’t speak in terms of “Muslims” unless talking about the U.S./Chicago-based Nation of Islam.  Noticing the influx of these new “immigrants”, he felt that they had meaner intentions than those who came to Ellis Island earlier in the twentieth century when he was a young man.  Prophecy fulfilled. enola-gay

If you are the big, bad “superpower” and you let some upstart fanatic bloody your lip and don’t squash them then and there, you get what we have now and you are not so “super” anymore.  Where was the Enola Gay when we needed her – and the guts to use it?

With all the fuss over whether Iran is building a nuclear program, I wonder why, when if you have the ability to use one when attacked viciously, you don’t.  I do not see that as the high road, but an off-ramp.

Talking to My Mum on the phone, she gives me the update on what is happening with all the neighbors and the houses that used to house the neighbors I knew growing up back in NYC, she comments, “There are no more men on the block, just us old ladies…”  Mum is eighty-seven now and sounds as lucid as ever most of the time when I talk with her long-distance.  The only thing I notice is the “short-term” memory isn’t as sharp as it was even last year.  Including my Dad, there were nine men on the block back when I came up between the late fifties through when I went off to the University in the early nineteen-seventies.

Her comment about the disappearance of the “men” or “husbands/fathers” on my old block gave me pause to analyse that fact.  I’ve known this for quite some time, yet why is it that the men of that era burn-out so quickly? Is that my fate as well?  Is the tax of being the bread-winner a shortened stay in the physical world?

I read where men make fewer average visits to doctors, and I can believe that.  Part of that is the whole child-bearing thing; we don’t have the same “plumbing” to maintain as women do.  I’ve always been glad I was born male for  just that reason! LOL However, why don’t the females perish at the same rate given that very ordeal of childbirth?   Another component is the “if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it philosophy” which, admittedly I subscribe to because I work-out regularly.  Yet, longevity can be so random, who knows?

Most of the men on my block were Black Americans, and I wonder if the effects of segregation that their generation had to go through had something to do with their longevity and increased likelihood to develop issues like high blood pressure, and do the effects of being stressed-out as slaves get programmed into a people’s genes and then randomly passed-down through succeeding generations?   They didn’t have to be lynched or physically abused by “da Man” to suffer lingering consequences is how I see that now. 

lots of neat graphs and charts on this subject here:

Who knows, all of this economic stress that I am going through now is probably shortening my days on earth.  Sometimes I have wished myself dead when I do not have the money to pay my bills anymore, and my wish could be coming true – s-l-o-w-l-y…Oddly it is when you stop  wanting to die that the grim reaper tries to find you with more urgency, I believe, so as “they” say, be careful what you wish for because life has the personality of the practical Joker in that way.

Here is a link to another chart you can check out:

So yes, Mum, all the men on the block have left you ladies as the keepers of their castles, and aside from the obvious safety and security issue, do not despair nor take it personally, you ladies gave them all a priceless amount of joy inside the pain of helping us to have a better chance at succe$$ than you did in your times, that will live long past all of our flesh and bones.

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