There is not much to say about this except for the fact that this song came to me today as I try to “hold on” against the storm, realizing that I have more loyalty and companionship thousands of miles away from my current location in Nina, than I have from some people who I THOUGHT were my loyalists.

Little known fact about this record is that it has this cornbread feel to it back in the day, and it is truly amazing that it made the top of the charts.  There is this “pickin and strumming” aspect of the guitar and yes a banjo licks of this extended version that was just incredibly unusual at the time this record came out – like Kelloggs Corn Flakes theme or somethin’…the beauty of the “disco era” was that it embodied many aspects of society, musically all at once.

It is sad that when you reach your mid-fifties, or whatever age it sets in, that some people, even “family” will betray a  good person like me [or you] as Brutus did Julius Caesar; it is happy however when you have forever loyalists who continue to have your “back” as well, and therefore I shall accentuate the positive as much as possible herein.  Some try to insinuate that I “forgive” the Benedict Arnolds of my life…I say no, “forgiveness'” has been a trait of a thousand years of random societies, and the downfall of empires.  If I would have lived back in the ages of Caesar, I would have been the most benevolent, King of the  Bruce, yet the most harshest of …  Be that as it may…

This is a classic record from my collection, and it is truly amazing that all of this music  that is on You Tube is available at the click of a mouse!  Holy COW!!  How did this happen to be found, and how can I get in on the sharing part of  it, because I am sure that my collection has some titles that even You Tube does not have. LOL  Cha-Chingg!!