So now it is time to play the new and  exciting game amongst aging Baby Boomers…”Where ARE my reading Glasses!!!?”

Here are the rules:  You just had them on, you have to be between 41 and 57 years old; they must be prescription glasses; then something distracted you (like maybe a phone call or even… life!). You dealt with that and even went to pee, only to come back to your lounge chair, workstation or porch when you remembered that you were reading something  interesting and then…BAM!  Where the fuck are my GLASSES? Suddenly they have blended into the fabric of whatever your home decor is or even outside.  You almost panic but know better simultaneously as you fear never being able to “see” again!

Of course this only applies to those of us with eyes that can see far but not near after age forty. 

I suggest the following and do not have the ability to invent it, so please,  if you cop [steal] this idea and it makes you a million bucks by the end of this year or in the future, I trust you to please just remember your friendly neighborhood former DJ/present blogger, who gave you and the whole earth this idea in the first place.  Here it is: Reading glasses equipped with tiny blinking lights on them. 

Hello? World Opthamalic and Optic Associations!!! Can I get a witness? 

Well, for complete design, marketing, promotional and feasilbility specs, please comment after the tone…