I saw a woman who looked like Serena Williams at a local post office here in Hooterville , TN a couple of days ago. She was tall, same dark complection, had a sheer white gown-style dress on (nipples showing through), a young girl was with her and they were coming from one of those huge, black, oversized SUV-type vehicles. We passed as I was leaving the post office and they were entering. This woman scrutinized me sharply and really didn’t smile – or kinda tried to – as I uttered a muted “Hi” and kept walking on by into the parking lot to my car.
I now look back at that encounter with more curiosity upon learning that Serena is having surgery on her right foot, and will miss three tournaments that lead-up to the U.S. Open in Flushing, Queens, New York.  This supposedly follows an incident with a broken glass at a restaurant recently.  So I ask, since the rest of the details are all “hush-hush”, what kind of tantrum did she have this time?  Recent memory past her victory at Wimbledon is of her threatening the meek little Chinese lines girl last fall at the U.S. Open she desperately wants to play in to redeem her image this year, right?

Which causes me to ponder whether she is the latest greedy, over-the-top, Jekyll and Hyde  celebrity personality of today to be hit by what I call the “karma payback bug”?  Like “T.O”, Steve McNair, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, and even the backlash against the selfishness of Lebron James, be careful how you do people you perceive to be “less” than you in your moments of  hormone-induced grandeur, because it will come back to bite your pumped-up ass whether big or small, celebrity jock or average Josette.  I was already wondering if Serena is on some kinds of “‘roids” after seeing how pumped-up she is (“swole” as Alan Iverson once said)  in comparison to the other lady tennis players – even her own sister, Venus – on the tour.  Hmmmm….’may be on to something here.

It also occurs to me that one of my all-time favorite tennis players, Monica Seles, never returned to her previous form after that jerk jumped out of the stands and stabbed her in the back of her shoulder many years ago – but she was a kind, outwardly even-tempered and humble competitor, and not to be put in the same class of the egos and misbehavior that I mentioned above.