Defacit, Schmefacit!  Nine years after the cowardly crashing of planes into our buildings here in the USA, we are no closer to finding the mastermind, Osama Bin Laden, I guess, because no news media seems to be on the case of tracking him or creating a “clock” of how many hours, minutes and seconds it has been since he attacked us and we have still not captured him.  If they would have been so vigilant about him as with the oil in the Gulf of Mexico, he’d be dead or in a supermax prison by now.

So now, true to the words of a book I read, we are in another quagmire called the “graveyard of empires” –  with us, in America, the latest “super power”  as victims. 

Can you spell “Vietnam”, President Obama? Don’t you see the parallels?  Therefore, be true to your campaign words on this one if ever you want a second term!  This is how these Talibans and Al -Queda break great countries like ours and the Soviet Union.  They are doing it financially through attrition of us pouring more and more “troops” (i.e. money) into a region that is as foreign to this planet as Mount Everest is, just not as high in altitude.  You let the crusty old white men we now call the GOP Obstrublicans gain points by talking “deficit reduction” and justifying not renewing Unemployment benefits for millions of us who voted for you when if you would get us out of Afghanishole we would not have to spend that money and would be back in the Clinton era ‘black’ (and I am not a Clinton fan either). You do this without even one of your eloquent speeches back at them – WTF???  You must know that you are viewed via a double-standard that your predecessors were not, right?

 There is no “win” in Afghanistan, Mr. President, Dude! My late Dad, the second world war field artillery Major, would say,”we are fighting with one hand tied behind our backs”.  We should have nuked them right after September eleventh. 

So now we need to re-focus on capturing Osama Bin Laden the way we do things best: covertly with our special forces or even “spies” (like our friends the Russians, recently lol) and bring the bulk of the troops home because they are only killing time the way the people over there want us to.  They are mocking this “big power” as yet another foolish, arrogant military machine who does not learn from the lessons of other similar chest beaters who failed in the recent past.