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I own every Moments record on vinyl – 45rpm or LP.  No brag, just fact.

A couple of nights ago I learned that singer Al Goodman left the physical world at age sixty-seven.  That is not too old, but old enough for those of his generation and show business profession.

Al Goodman

 was one-third of the group The Moments, who I grew-up listening to on metro New York City “soul” radio stations WWRL AM and WNJR AM in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The Moments touched a spot in my youthful musical psyche and heart like no other group did as I discovered the virtues and passionate pains of romance and love. 

The only groups of that era that came close were The Delfonics and The Continental Four, who most of my friends adored more; but I dug The Moments!  Maybe because their lesser-known record label, Stang ( a division of All Platinum), appealed to my rebellious, left-of-the-mainstream personality.  The raw production wasn’t as polished as The Delfonic’s Philly Groove label, and that was quite the charm of  The Moment’s sound effect as well as their unique three-man harmony. 

Harry Ray,

often the lead on the classic hits and another third of the group passed away back in 1992, and now that leaves only Billy Brown alive as an original “Moment” if I am correct. 

I remember when my radio mentor, Sonny Taylor was an executive at Polydor Records for a brief stint during which The Moments made a move towards larger recognition than they must have thought Sylvia Robinson and All Platinum could give them, the controversy was that they had to give-up their name, “The Moments”,because of a stupid legal dispute, and the sleazy, petty politic of the record music industry. They became known as their last names of (Harry) Ray, (Al) Goodman &  (Billy) Brown.  We true fans never recognized this, and to this day call them “The Moments”!  The best song that came out of that marriage was “Special Lady” in 1979. 

My favorite Moment moment is 1974’s “(Hey Girl) What Is your Name” where Al’s name is the forefront of the writer’s credits on “The Best Of The Moments”.  By 1976, Carol Sager was in the writer’s house with The Moments on such classics as “I Could Have Loved You” and the ever running “I Don’t Wanna Go (But I Can’t Stay Here No More)”, an album produced by Al Goodman, Walter Morris and Harry Ray.

 Now, I must admit that as my favorite song isn’t quite true, as there are SO many other Moment memories to choose from, like  my real  first favorite when I was a teenager, “Lovely Way She Loves”, which typifies a young man first discovering that a slow dance with a girl at a basement house party can make parts of your loins come alive anew!  There are also the many hits backed by All Platinum studio musicians from the band Willie (Feaster) and the Mighty Magnificents such as   “Not On The Outside, But Inside Strong”, “Somebody Loves You Baby”, “I Do”, “Sunday”, “All I Have”, “Just Because He Wants To Make Love (Doesn’t Mean he Loves You)”, “If I Didn’t Care” (which my parents must have gotten tired of because I played the grooves off of that 45rpm up in my boyhood room,  to the point the record was dusty!), and then moving into [I think] a group of different background musicians, hitting gold with the classic, “I Found Love On A Two Way Street” ( which coincidentally comes-on as I write these words!). If you ever conjure it, remember there is a long version of it, where the vamp, “Bye, Bye Baby, bye bye!” is extended into the fade at end.  Their songs were not all slow, however as they made forays into the Disco trend with “Sweet Lady” (OMG!), “Sexy Mama” ( the 8:50 version with the fade-in and out), and “Girls!”

When I heard word of Al Goodman’s passing, I suddenly couldn’t get their “Gotta Find A Way” out of my musical mind!  Also I must mention “Seven Days” [OMG! with the fade-in-and-fade-out; one of the first l-o-n-g slow jams], “Lucky Me”, “To You With Love’, “I’m So Lost”, “Look At Me, I’m In Love”, and that album that they did with The o’Jays, “The O’Jays Meet The Moments”.  My college roommate must have grown weary of me always coming in after an argument with my (then) puppy loves of campus, and throwing-on The Moments to soothe my pains, lol. 

Fortunately and finally, I got to meet and “hang” with these Moments, especially during the mid-1980s into the early 1990s.  it was like a dream-come-true to chill with singers you idolized as part of your youth, ya know what I mean?  I remember  Harry Ray and another late radio inspiration and mentor, Jerry Bledsoe, cutting-up at the Dow Twins’s New York City major nightclub, Leviticus on WBLS night where Jerry B. cursed-out WBLS FM management and aired some dirty laundry.  THAT was a classic! LOL Several times, I was suddenly in the company of  the total gracious and class act, Billy Brown,  on numerous occasions at various occasions.  I always had to hold myself  back from fawning like a schoolgirl over these cats with copious compliments. 

Al Goodman, “the baritone” was the quieter of the trio.  It was a great honor to be “With You“…I’ll never sing another song ’bout leaving…”

I… am experiencing this right now…you find out who your TRUE ‘friends’ are when you are about to get evicted or worse. I…am seeking a rich person, or philanthropic organization that sees me and the talents that I have and wants to take me under his (or her) wing in order to benefit their bottom line going forward.  I have always thought that I might get “discovered” thusly as I have heard so many others have miraculously…maybe somone hears your voice, or sees my picture, or an old radio show I did,  and says,”Hey, THAT’s the guy we need!”

I played this record on the radio back in the 1970s, and little did I know how much it would mean to me here in “the future that is now”.  It is shameful and a damn shame how people ignore you, when you are down and out.  A miracle will make it all moot, and then watch, as the song says, all them run back to me like long-lost friends…

And one more thing that pisses me off is these companies like AT&T, ComCOST, who will just cut your phone OFF when you fall, say fifty dollars behind, on your monthly bill, even after you make a “payment arrangement” and telling them that you are jobless and at the mercy of the labor department and Congress.  How in the HELL do they expect you to get work and earn money to PAY them if nobody can CONTACT you because your phone is “temporarily disconnected”?  Talk about an oudated “business model”, these sacrosanct megalopolies still think that draconian measures like this will expidite payments from the masses who were up-front with them?  Not true these days,  old Ma Bell, we have other choices;  MajikJack…here I come.

P.S. You may go to my “About” page and donate to a good and talented man who doesn’t want to go out like this.  No amount is too small.  Thank you.

The very oil the world covets for our societal easiness and ways of life is turning out to be its undoing, budget breaker of nations, and a non-lubricating pain in the natural gass.  Very Interesting!

The BP (“Event”) Horizon disaster has unveiled that there have been many other, unpublicized oil spills into the community of oceans around the globe.  Now comes the news that a “pipeline” burst in China and we have to see photos of a Chinese worker all gooed-up in oil like he is sinking in old American western movies quicksand.

Since 1983 there have been oil spills polluting (remember that word?) the seas of the earth, many without the fanfare of  today’s Gulf of Mexico ordeal.  I even know a few people that say that the Deep Water [Event] Horizon cataclysm was the intentional grounding  (or “watering”) of an expendable asset by corporate collusion.  Another example of greed amuck. 

We are way past knowing that we need to engage in alternatives to oil and coal, and yet so far behind in the thinking aspect of it we risk never catching-up in time to avert successive global perils and more frequent disasters,  as the planet adjusts to the sloppiness of its human population.  I’m jus’ sayin’!

Check out this chart I found…and it isn’t even up-to-date!!

What Year?              

Where did it occur?              

What tanker was it?              

How much oil did it spill (in tons)?              


The Persian Gulf              

Nowruz Oil Field              



South Africa              

Castillo De Belluer              



The Monongahela River              

Storage Tank              



Off The Shetland Islands              




Off SW Wales              

Sea Empress              



Galapagos Islands              



I often wonder if it is possible for the earth to totally run-out of oil and leave man high and dry.   One PHD in these kinds of scenarios remarked recently via Earth Talk about  “the need for vast investments in energy efficiency and the rapid introduction of new, non-oil energy sources.”   Amen, sister – but when?  Time has greased the skids, and is slipping away fast.  What do YOU think should be done asap?

I present to you another kind of “deepness”; when I first heard the name “Deep Water Horizon” I thought of this movie:

A long lost friend of mine who is not from the USA would probably say that “it is all bullshit; they did it on-purpose!”  And now I believe her.

So now it is time to play the new and  exciting game amongst aging Baby Boomers…”Where ARE my reading Glasses!!!?”

Here are the rules:  You just had them on, you have to be between 41 and 57 years old; they must be prescription glasses; then something distracted you (like maybe a phone call or even… life!). You dealt with that and even went to pee, only to come back to your lounge chair, workstation or porch when you remembered that you were reading something  interesting and then…BAM!  Where the fuck are my GLASSES? Suddenly they have blended into the fabric of whatever your home decor is or even outside.  You almost panic but know better simultaneously as you fear never being able to “see” again!

Of course this only applies to those of us with eyes that can see far but not near after age forty. 

I suggest the following and do not have the ability to invent it, so please,  if you cop [steal] this idea and it makes you a million bucks by the end of this year or in the future, I trust you to please just remember your friendly neighborhood former DJ/present blogger, who gave you and the whole earth this idea in the first place.  Here it is: Reading glasses equipped with tiny blinking lights on them. 

Hello? World Opthamalic and Optic Associations!!! Can I get a witness? 

Well, for complete design, marketing, promotional and feasilbility specs, please comment after the tone…

I saw a woman who looked like Serena Williams at a local post office here in Hooterville , TN a couple of days ago. She was tall, same dark complection, had a sheer white gown-style dress on (nipples showing through), a young girl was with her and they were coming from one of those huge, black, oversized SUV-type vehicles. We passed as I was leaving the post office and they were entering. This woman scrutinized me sharply and really didn’t smile – or kinda tried to – as I uttered a muted “Hi” and kept walking on by into the parking lot to my car.
I now look back at that encounter with more curiosity upon learning that Serena is having surgery on her right foot, and will miss three tournaments that lead-up to the U.S. Open in Flushing, Queens, New York.  This supposedly follows an incident with a broken glass at a restaurant recently.  So I ask, since the rest of the details are all “hush-hush”, what kind of tantrum did she have this time?  Recent memory past her victory at Wimbledon is of her threatening the meek little Chinese lines girl last fall at the U.S. Open she desperately wants to play in to redeem her image this year, right?

Which causes me to ponder whether she is the latest greedy, over-the-top, Jekyll and Hyde  celebrity personality of today to be hit by what I call the “karma payback bug”?  Like “T.O”, Steve McNair, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, and even the backlash against the selfishness of Lebron James, be careful how you do people you perceive to be “less” than you in your moments of  hormone-induced grandeur, because it will come back to bite your pumped-up ass whether big or small, celebrity jock or average Josette.  I was already wondering if Serena is on some kinds of “‘roids” after seeing how pumped-up she is (“swole” as Alan Iverson once said)  in comparison to the other lady tennis players – even her own sister, Venus – on the tour.  Hmmmm….’may be on to something here.

It also occurs to me that one of my all-time favorite tennis players, Monica Seles, never returned to her previous form after that jerk jumped out of the stands and stabbed her in the back of her shoulder many years ago – but she was a kind, outwardly even-tempered and humble competitor, and not to be put in the same class of the egos and misbehavior that I mentioned above.

To each
In His or Her
Own time
To Find the
Precious one for one last time.
In order to share and care
Both together to sip for all allotment;
The finest vintage wines.
Rewarded by patience and
Belief of hope for matrimony.
Fulfilled through earnest expressions sublime
Overt new and true love
Soothes bygone wounds;
I am yours,
Now you are mine.

Defacit, Schmefacit!  Nine years after the cowardly crashing of planes into our buildings here in the USA, we are no closer to finding the mastermind, Osama Bin Laden, I guess, because no news media seems to be on the case of tracking him or creating a “clock” of how many hours, minutes and seconds it has been since he attacked us and we have still not captured him.  If they would have been so vigilant about him as with the oil in the Gulf of Mexico, he’d be dead or in a supermax prison by now.

So now, true to the words of a book I read, we are in another quagmire called the “graveyard of empires” –  with us, in America, the latest “super power”  as victims. 

Can you spell “Vietnam”, President Obama? Don’t you see the parallels?  Therefore, be true to your campaign words on this one if ever you want a second term!  This is how these Talibans and Al -Queda break great countries like ours and the Soviet Union.  They are doing it financially through attrition of us pouring more and more “troops” (i.e. money) into a region that is as foreign to this planet as Mount Everest is, just not as high in altitude.  You let the crusty old white men we now call the GOP Obstrublicans gain points by talking “deficit reduction” and justifying not renewing Unemployment benefits for millions of us who voted for you when if you would get us out of Afghanishole we would not have to spend that money and would be back in the Clinton era ‘black’ (and I am not a Clinton fan either). You do this without even one of your eloquent speeches back at them – WTF???  You must know that you are viewed via a double-standard that your predecessors were not, right?

 There is no “win” in Afghanistan, Mr. President, Dude! My late Dad, the second world war field artillery Major, would say,”we are fighting with one hand tied behind our backs”.  We should have nuked them right after September eleventh. 

So now we need to re-focus on capturing Osama Bin Laden the way we do things best: covertly with our special forces or even “spies” (like our friends the Russians, recently lol) and bring the bulk of the troops home because they are only killing time the way the people over there want us to.  They are mocking this “big power” as yet another foolish, arrogant military machine who does not learn from the lessons of other similar chest beaters who failed in the recent past.

There is only one “John” (not the bathroom) in a waiting room of eleven of us men, women and one child at the health clinic’s inner waiting room.  This has already taken longer than it should have (four hours) for me to get a mere refill for my monthly bronchial inhaler, “Geez, glad I brought this book to read.”  I hate that my long-time physician back east suddenly stopped calling in the refills to my pharmacy, requiring me to bask in the anonymity of a public health clinic for the first time since I came out from under my parent’s care. 

One of the nurses or assistants ( she didn’t have a nurse uniform on) comes to the door and asks, “John…John…” looking for the next patient.  Nobody answers.  “JOHN?” she says again more sternly.  Then she makes eye-contact with one man only a few feet from us who says , “John WHO?”  She says his last name. Then he gets up and follows her into the inner examining sanctum.

I’m like, cracking-up inside, and must have let an audible snicker fly, that nobody picked-up on, as I pretended to continue reading my hardback novel – WTF?  Did he think he was in a room full of “Johns”?  They only have to say one of my names, first or last, and I’m like, “Right here!” getting up out of the chair and putting my book away to be finally seen wherever I go in one of these situations, and if there is another other similar, let the roll-caller specify at that time, otherwise it  is a “first come, first served basis” moment.

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