In my next life,

If there IS such a thing,

I want to be a Pimp!

I’ve seemingly screwed THIS life up so far, though not as bad off as some;

So I might as well get paid for others to screw the next go round,

That is if I don’t come back as a FISH.

In my next life, I want to be a Pimp.

Funny word: “pimp”

One of those that kinda sounds like what it IS;

“Pump” is like that;

“Pump that Hoe, baby!” LOL

OK, back to my next life as a Pimp…

I could slap the Hoes around,

They would get me free “get high” on-demand,

Of course, if I wanted to sex the most beautiful one,

I could do that too anytime, and keep her with natural teeth as the finest in my harem.

They would even then have to still pay ME for the personal favor!

In my next life I want to be a Pimp;

Because maybe I’d own a Cadillac;

Most likely a Lincoln Continental Mark whatever though.


My wardrobe would be Superfly!  super

Only rivaled by those of Drag Queens’.

I’d talk smooth smack to “da Man” too.

If busted, be bailed-out by my Honeys in no time;

Struttin’ out and proud of my “record” as a Pimp.

 In my next life, I’m gonna be a Pimp!

Ahh, who am I fooling?

I’d probably be too nice a pimp,

Like I am “too nice” in this life so far.

The bitches and Hoes would likely slap ME around!

They’d take their money back,

Or never even fork-it-over in the first place!

Giving me a lot of sassy lip in the process.

The drugs they’d give me would be so stepped-on,

I would only get a toxic buzz.

While under the influence, their boyfriends would steal my Pimpmobile,

And the transvestites likely would rob my “vines” ahead of the next Drag Show.


 But it still might be more fun than this life currently that I live. 

At least temporarily I would roll in mucho dough, if in my next life I am a Pimp.