Have you noticed?  This egg we call Earth is a-cracking more and more recently. A 3.8 in Chicago;  Haiti, Japan, Turkey, and the 8.8 in Chile!   This egg is cracking..where next? People are using terms like “apocolypse'” and “end of the world” during these events…what if?

We in the continental U.S. have been very lucky.  I wonder what would happen – IF it could happen – if a major quake could shake this whole continent of north America like the it did in Chile.  I bet the Congress of the U.S. would suddenly be much more congenial!  You see, the U.S.A. has unfortunately become much too complacent and fat.  We almost need a cataclysmic event like an earthquake to shake us back into civility IMHO. And these new security cams (big brother cams) that are all over have ONE good use: they catch the action like never before!  I mean the up-and-down, up-and-down motion answered one of my long-standing questions about Earthquakes: what is it like?  Holy cow.  The Geological Service says this isn’t a trend – it sure feels like one! Reminds me of when, as a boy, I saw the classic sci-fi movie, “Crack In The World”…

pickhit: The aftermath of both quakes show a commonality of people who are perceived to be outwardly “different” – in disaster, the language is the same: desperation.