Let me put last year to bed as much as I can, ok?  Please remember this column was suggested to me by those who have ‘known” me most of my adult life, i.e. my college buddies from years gone by et al.  I finally relented, having little left to lose about six weeks ago, give or take…

New Years Eve I appeared at a party where there were several club DJs, in their early thirties, who recognized me and told those who didn’t know me but were within earshot that I am “a legend”…like, “You don’t know who THAT is?  He’s a Legend!…” I didn’t know whether to be gracious (which I was), or feel old (which I did) or just ignore it kind of and kick the science and reminisce parties past with them (which I also tried to do) in between egoistic proclamations of the assembled selectors about themselves (which is common amongst us or I suppose any bunch of professionals in a given field).  I write you the following highs and lows because I believe that you expect something like this from me, and so that I can go to sleep soon on this frigid early January night in the “big Hootyville”. 

Top five Dance tracks for me off the top of my head from 2009:  #1. Chis Lake featuring Nastala – “If You Knew”; #2. Sylvia Tosun – “Five Reasons”; #3. Lionel Ritchie – “Just Go”; #4. Dizee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome – “Dance Wiv Me”; #5. Guru Josh Project – “Infinity”.  Maybe I’ll have five more by the time you read this….

Personal #1 2009 Highlight: being in a music video with real screen legends Kris Kristofferson and Mickey Rourke for a song that made the Country music top ten. #2. Tutoring a Korean MBA student in English who would go on to graduate. Proving I CAN do the “ESL” thing after all! LOL #3. Seeing my Mother who I hadn’t seen in three years on the cusp of her eighty-fifth birthday looking radient when I pulled up in the taxicab that early morning in front of the house she raised me in. #4. Winning five-hundred dollars in the state pick-three lottery by playing a number that a numerologist concocted for me back in 1984 based upon my birthday chart.  This number still is magic!  Thank you Lloyd Strayorn!  I was on top of the world when I shared some of that loot with my then, ladyfriend during a lunch at ( the also “legendary”) The Palm restaurant. #5. One of my “characters” from my real life “Bartender’s Tales” coming to life and visiting me here in June of ‘009  in this strange and far away from my home field state.  One of only four individuals who have ever visited me here.  Many Thanks KRB.

personal #1 2009  Lowlight: letting myself get “open” to loving a woman who would dump me unceremoniously a month after our one year anniversary and the best sex I almost eva had. #2. The betrayal  at the hands of my only sister who brought my financal house down upon me like you wouldn’t believe.  Who woulda thunk it?  #3. Missing an opportunity to rescue my former flame when she called me in the middle of the night, to woozy to drive home from a nearby bar – it could have made all the difference in getting her back.  #4. Having my first ever auto accident when I dozed-off at the wheel[a long distance trip I had driven many times]. Luckily, I was the only one involved with the guardrail that noon.

pickhit: “And there’s always something there to remind me…” – Naked Eyes, circa late 1980s

Achilles…blessed except where his Mother held him in the magical waters by his ankle; vulnerable yet appearing strong to others.