In 2008, I got so desperate for a female in my life, and Russian women in particular (after working with a few of them at a nightclub and feeling their intelligent, mysterious hotness) that i posted an advert for one on Craig’s List.  It was an experiement and I still can’t believe I did that, but it was just a lark at the time and I didn’t know WHAT to realistically expect in the way of replies.  indeed a woman who didn’t exactly fit my parameters as stated in the article (that she be in the USA two yearas or less) responded and challenged my specifications, leading me to become intrigued by her sass and turned-on by her pseudo-verbal combativeness.  Yes, we did the email tip-toe, the internet photo sharing, and then met for the first time on a not-so-blind date, twenty-first century style! We kissed like long-lost lovers on that first date; me sharing my favorite place for dinner, she taking me to her favorite haunt for the same. 

I didn’t start this post out with chronicling that relationship and it’s sudden end after a year of harmony, memories and culture-sharing amoure in mind.  That is a topic for in-depth analysis on another night.  My initial thought was about Poverty Consciousness and how through this time, MY reply to a CL posting in the “women for men” section of the personals, I began to communicate with a deeply psychological and slightly judgementally preachy “female” – you never know even if they send you pictures, who is really behind the words.  I think “she” might have even been a shrink, for as we corresponded for all of three weeks I think,  last month, she took to analyzing my words.  Yes, she probably was indeed a “she” after all, we did exchange numbers and she called me back a couple of times and didn’t sound like she was reading a script – having been a voice-over artist, I can tell when someone is reading something like that.  She had a lovely, soothing voice.

She told me one time after we had first talked on the phone, that I had “Poverty Consciousness”.  When I read that the next day, I didn’t know whether to be insulted or ashamed.  I thought this chick,  who had seen a picture I sent to her in exchange for hers was making a value or ethnicly stereotypical judgement based upon how I looked.  However, it was deeper than that.  Being one not to dismiss new concepts out of hand, I decided to the phrase, and sure enough came across articles about it and definitions!  I replied to her assertion that she was sure that I knew what “poverty consciousness” was that I truly had never heard of it before.  When I came back with information that I researched on the subject, the debate between us was joined and I learned something else.

You might say that I have learned a lot from two “strange” women and two internet personals.  Still, people think I’m crazy when I say that I met the Russian chick on Craigs’s List.  I think it was an amusing story and that we made an interesting looking and sounding couple; the “psychiatrist” babe has some subliminal issues she didn’t disclose and soon became bored with the discourse while revealing very little of herself when I pulled-back in kind.  She left open the possibility of goiing out dancing – but it cannot be a DJ, it has to be a band.  See what I mean?

Meanwhile, I printed and re-read the article I found about ending “Poverty Consciousness” – especially the part about  it being reinforced through negative bemoanings by our forefathers and genes; and it is working so far!