Many who claim to “really know” [me] have suggested I do this “blog thing”  for quite some time now.  Well, maybe it has taken some incredibly challenging ‘luck’ and the wolves gathering at my door for me to finally know I have nothing left to lose privacy wise,  and maybe everything to gain by heeding the advice of those who are my steadfast friends, and commence yet another literary journey.  I am scared, because I know not where it will lead both you and me.

Upon the eve of this, the day of my Mother’s eighty-fifth birthday, Comcast disconnected my telephone because THEY didn’t credit my recent payments this month.  Yet, they cannot restore it until I give them yet another fifty dollars…They said that it was a “technical problem” and so I requested a “service call”…the Tech guy came to my door this afternoon, when I opened it, he demanded over three-hundred dollars before he would even look at my modem.  It sounded like a bribe invitation or the lonesharking I grew up hearing about that took place along the northern New Jersey docks.

Nice way to begin Thanksgiving week, huh?  My career and life began with so much promise and high hopes…now in my mid fifties, my star seems to be falling exponentially. I often wonder is this my cue to “exit, stage left”, as cartoon’s Snagglepuss used to say during my boyhood days?

How to write a desperate letter to a corporate media company: Well folks…this is getting more and more hopeless for me, who lives alone and with the holidays approaching, the apparent inflexibility of Comcast is causing a DOMINO effect upon my hideous life.

A tech guy from Comcast just left here after coming and saying he needed three hundred dollars cash in order to turn my phone back on. It sounded like he asked for a BRIBE!! It would be funny if not so tragic here as Thanksgiving approaches.

PLEASE forward this message to the highest levels of your company in an effort for flexibility on my telephone line being back on… If my service is “scheduled to be disconnected” on Monday November 30th…then that should be the amount of TIME I have to have ALL of my service working!!
been getting sales! It is commission ONLY and we get paid ONCE a month with my first check to arrive around December 2nd, so I would need at LEAST til December second to be able to bring some bill payment around to your Mainstream Drive, Nashville office.

I have been a customer of theirs for EIGHT years in some way, shape or form…and I always hated these “bundle” packages for JUST this reason. NEVER do the “bundle” unless you are a millionaire!

So what is eating at you these days?